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In the third coaching category personal positioning, you’ll find themes like

  • career planning
  • the path to a new job
  • how to position myself in the organization
  • work ←→ life balance
  • ‘is this it?’

Often a mix of these categories and themes occurs. Or an insight into one theme may automatically lead to an other.

Although the requirement for coaching often originates in the work environment, the coach looks at all aspects of his client’s life: family, friends and relatives, work, self.
Each of these four ‘spheres’ influences the other three. Just like the balance between the spheres will determine whether one will really be comfortable in his own skin, at work and in private life.

A coaching programme for the themes mentioned above will typically include 5 – 10 sessions, over a period of 6 – 12 months.


The – virtual – monkey named Balbo plays a regular role in the InTune coaching programmes (‘who feeds the monkey bananas?’).
He is great at clarifying effective behaviour in complex work situations with many actors, interests and agendas.
Several clients have later also introduced him in their management team or department.

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There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path – Morpheus, The Matrix I