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And now seen from the inside: the team members

  • share crystal clear, and very challenging purpose / goals
  • respect and understand each other’s diversity
  • value synergism and interdependence
  • build relationships for trust and respect
  • reward individual performance that supports the team
  • communicate effectively and openly
  • plan thoroughly before acting
  • identify and resolve group conflicts
  • critique the way they work as a team, regularly and consistently
  • practice continuous improvement.

So: not sons or daughters of the gods, but people working very hard on their team process and underlying individual behaviours.

When the team members have mastered working together in this way and are optimally tuned to each other, the team reaches a state of ‘wholeness’, of synchronicity.
With this, the team is able to move upwards in the flow of higher but balanced challenges and skills/competencies.

The whole becomes more than the sum of the individual parts.

InTune has supported several teams on their way to High Performance, and can support your team too with this.

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