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Team support

InTune frequently works with boards and management teams. Topics can be both task and process oriented. Depending on the requirements, the following support is possible:

Workshops / awaydays
For complex topics demanding maximum thinking power and full contribution of all team members, often an external process facilitator is hired. He will take over the role of chairman during the team sessions. read more →

Team coaching
Put competent and skilled people together in a team with a shared goal, and often enough such a team proves to be not (yet) functioning optimally.
Possible causes: read more →

Team development: High Performing Teams
Seen from the outside, High Performing Teams are highly effective in dealing with the challenges they have committed themselves to. They radiate energy to the rest of the organization, they attract people who want to join and participate. Through their effectiveness and energy level, they are important change agents for the organization. read more →

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