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Vision – the individual

Sagrada Familia - Antoni Gaudí

often we ourselves are  our biggest constraint

Being comfortable in your own skin means: you get satisfaction out of your life, you achieve the highs and goals you’ve set for yourself. At work and in your private life. And you have managed to find a good work-life balance.

Your skills and competencies are in balance with your challenges and goals.

As both our world and we ourselves are constantly changing, we cannot take this balance for granted. Periodic self-maintenance is necessary.

One may also feel that further ambitions and dreams remain beyond reach.
By developing qualities and skills, you open up borders and can walk the path towards new growth.

The first step on this journey however is realizing that these borders are mostly boundaries inside ourselves.
Inevitably followed by the notion that indeed we have a choice here: accept these boundaries – and with them our current future perspective -, or start working on ourselves.

With the latter choice, a new balance comes within range, with greater strength and larger goals.

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